Medical Devices and Components Overview

Since 1994, PTG has been fabricating a variety of device components used for bench testing, animal testing, clinical studies, and product sales. In 2001, we signed our first manufacturing supply agreement.

PTG currently manufactures components used in neurostimulation devices and pacemaker leads, which are FDA-approved and sold in the U.S. market. We also manufacture components that support European clinical studies for an implantable orthopedic solution, as well as a device used to treat cardiac patients with moderate to severe long-term heart failure.

The entire manufacturing process-from prototyping to the final production of saleable clinical units-is conducted in one of our four Class 6 or Class 7 OEM-compliant cleanrooms. This includes quality control inspection and packaging.

Our facility is equipped to produce biocompatible Class I, II, and III devices for applications that demand high material performance. We also have experience fulfilling manufacturing-supply agreements.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Our manufacturing equipment includes:

PTG works closely with our customers to develop product-specific inspection and testing criteria.

Our device inspection equipment includes:

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