Medical Devices and Components Overview

Since 1989, the Polymer Technology Group (PTG) has been developing and manufacturing components and devices for the medical and healthcare community. Our combined expertise in both the biomaterials and medical device industries enables us to excel at challenging, materials-intensive projects. PTG works with companies during every aspect of the design and manufacturing process and every project benefits from our strong commitment to quality and service.

We pride ourselves on our unique, fully integrated approach to device development. From materials selection and design to piloting and full-scale manufacturing, PTG has the hands-on design, testing, and fabrication experience needed to provide our clients with a complete range of capabilities. This includes facilitating the FDA-approval process for clinical applications to help bring new products and technologies to market.

Unlike many of our competitors, PTG also has the resources to develop new products from unique polymers — all under one roof. This means our clients are no longer limited to commercially available, off-the-shelf materials. And our ability to fabricate and test the material and the component or device offers a significant advantage in terms of both accuracy and speed.


PTG has developed devices and components on behalf of and in collaboration with our clients. Our primary areas of focus are cardiovascular, orthopedic, and ophthalmic. Many of the components we produce are made with PTG materials.

Some of our recent projects include:




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