Custom Tubing Overview

PTG's vertical integration has enabled the company to design and integrate proprietary biomedical polymers into tubing, components and medical devices. PTG differentiates itself from other extrusion houses by offering comprehensive services and optimal tubing products using our State-of-Art tubing extrusion system combined with our proven materials expertise.

Tubing is manufactured in a clean room by feeding pre-dried pellets into an instrumented single-screw extruder with closed-loop control on diameter, wall thickness and other geometrical parameters. We have equipment and expertise to continuously produce tubing with tight tolerances, incorporating PTG's Gel Reduction Technology with increased yields and improved surface finish and appearance. Extruded tubing may contain fillers or pigments specified by the customer. Doing so, PTG offers the following distinctive advantages and benefits to our customers:

  1. Fast turnaround
  2. Eliminating the need for multiple vendors by incorporating material procurement, analysis, and extrusion, all under one roof.
  3. Providing materials formulation, processing and application expertise in a vertically integrated manner.
  4. Offering flexibility in materials design and selection for processing and custom applications.
  5. Achieving optimal product performance

PTG can meet and exceed your tolerances

Concentricity, or the variance in wall thickness from one side of the tube to the other, can also be tightly controlled.

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