Biomedical Polymers Polyurethane Materials

The Polymer Technology Group (PTG) is a recognized leader in commercializing specialty and biomedical polymer products. PTG has expert staff and state-of-the-art facilities for synthesis, characterization, processing, regulatory approval and manufacturing of new polymer products. The Company's vertically integrated research-through-commercialization approach permits the entire process to be performed within one organization, from invention to market launch.

PTG polymers are used in medical devices and other applications where adherence to stringent quality guidelines is critical. Materials developed and produced by PTG are most often used in chronically implanted medical devices—such as pacemakers, sensing devices, ventricular assist devices, blood pumps spinal devices, central venous catheters and other catheters. PTG's client list includes many of the world's leading suppliers of medical devices.

PTG's BioSpan® segmented polyurethane, Bionate® polycarbonate-urethane and Elasthane™ thermoplastic polyether urethane are the most clinically tested biomaterials available today. In addition, PTG's PurSil™ silicone-polyether-urethane and CarboSil® silicone-polycarbonate-urethane have each been tested in clinical trials. Each is backed by a comprehensive FDA Master File

Although best known for manufacturing biomedical polyurethanes for long-term medical implants, PTG has successfully developed a wide range of biodurable and bioresorbable polymers for use in all types of devices.


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