Elasthane™ Thermoplastic Polyether Urethane

Elasthane™ thermoplastic polyether urethane (TPU) is a high strength, aromatic biomedical polymer. This polymer was developed to have a chemical structure and properties similar to Pellethane® TPUs1 in response to the decision by Dow Chemical Company to limit its use to cardiac and all other medical devices with implant duration shorter than 30 days. For more than 30 years Pellethane TPUs have been used to fabricate a large number of implantable devices, including pacemaker leads and other cardiac devices. Elasthane™ TPUs are not significantly different from Pellethane TPUs in chemical structure and properties, and have high molecular weights and low solvent extractables. Elasthane™ is formed by the reaction of polytetramethyleneoxide and an aromatic diisocyanate and a low molecular weight glycol chain extender.

Elasthane™ TPUs demonstrate an impressive combination of mechanical properties and biological compatibility. Numerous medical devices and technologies have benefited from this combination of properties, including pacemaker leads and neuro-stimulation devices. Elasthane™ TPUs are stable to dry heat as well as EtO and Gamma sterilization. Elasthane™ TPUs are also backed by a comprehensive FDA Master File.

Elasthane™ TPUs are manufactured using a high throughput, continuous process and are currently available in three hardness grades: 80A, 55D, and 75D. These materials accept fillers well and are heat-sealable and easily post-formed. All grades of the polymer are available with various Surface Modifying End Groups (SME™), such as Silicone, Fluorocarbon, PEO, etc.

1Pellethane is a registered trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

Disclaimer: The user must perform any pertinent tests to determine the product's performance and suitability in the intended application. Final determination of fitness of the product for any particular use is the responsibility of the user.

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