Bionate® Thermoplastic Polycarbonate Urethane

Bionate TPUs are supplied as free-flowing spherical pellets packed in poly bags inside fiberboard drums with smooth lids. The polymer is offered in quantities of 5lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs and 50 lbs. Storage in 60-90°F in a relatively dry area is recommended due to the hygroscopic nature of thermoplastic polyurethanes. If possible, the entire contents of a container should be used at one time. If less than the entire contents of a container are used, only enough material to do the job should be dried and the remainder should be blanketed with an inert gas (dry nitrogen) in a resealed container.

Bionate TPUs can be used for conventional injection molding, extrusion and compression molding techniques. Melt processing conditions are similar to conventional thermoplastic polyurethanes. Proper drying of the polymer is an important first step to assure efficient processing and quality parts. A desiccant-bed-type dehumidifying hopper dryer with an inlet air temperature of 180-220°F is recommended. Drying to 0.01% moisture can usually be accomplished in 4 to 6 hours. Over drying or re-drying the material may cause sub-optimum processing.

Solutions of these polymers can be prepared with high-shear mixers using polar solvents or solvent blends: e.g. dimethylformamide, and dimethylacetamide. Filtered solutions of the polymers are suitable for solvent bonding, dipping, coating, spraying, and related conversion methods.

Disclaimer The user must perform any pertinent tests to determine the product's performance and suitability in the intended application. Final determination of fitness of the product for any particular use is the responsibility of the user.

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