Company Overview  

The Polymer Technology Group (PTG) has been making a difference since 1989 when founders Robert Ward, Kathleen White, and Robert Devaney recognized the future importance of biomaterials and their life-improvement and life-saving applications. Together, they bring extensive experience in polymer synthesis and Class III medical device development and manufacturing.

    “PTG devotes significant resources to research and development, including regularly updating and expanding our pilot plant, characterization, instrumentation, manufacturing technology and equipment.”
PTG is a leader in the commercialization of specialty and biomedical polymer products. The company has the expert staff and state-of-the-art facilities to achieve high-quality synthesis, characterization, processing, regulatory approval, and manufacturing of polymer products and medical device components. PTG's vertically integrated research-through-development approach enables the entire process-from invention to market launch — to be performed under one roof.

The company offers research services in the areas of polymers, materials, and medical devices and components. In addition to offering fully integrated materials-intensive device development programs, PTG can also compliment a customer's in-house capabilities by providing services targeted to meet its specific needs. This could include polymer design, synthesis and characterization, materials selection, process development, device development, prototyping, and high volume manufacturing.

    “PTG has an impressive number of Ph.D.s, scientists, engineers and technicians who regularly contribute to technical literature and who collaborate with academic research groups. ”
PTG-developed-and-produced polyurethanes and other materials are most often used in the manufacturing of chronically implanted medical devices-such as pacemakers, sensing devices, ventricular-assist devices and blood pumps, spinal devices, and central venous catheters.

PTG's commercial products include two of the world's most extensively tested biomaterials: BioSpan® segmented polyurethane and Bionate® polycarbonate urethane. In addition, the company offers custom-fabricated components from its patented PurSil™ silicone polyether-urethane and CarboSil™ silicone-polycarbonate urethane with proprietary Surface Modification End Group™ technology.

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